"A few people in the world are professional pianists, among them fewer are those who can both play Classical and Jazz. Royce adds improvisation, composition, Pop and more, on top of that.
Who : Royce was born in France in 1987 and is a multi-genre pianist  who has been playing the piano since he was about 11 years old.
He composes, improvises, arranges, transcribes, teaches and accompanies, has performed in France, Japan, South-Korea and has been a rehearsal pianist for international singers like Angela Brown. 
He got his music credentials from one of the best music school in France but also has a Bachelor's degree in Economic. He speaks fluently English, Japanese, French and Korean.
His background story : His parents had him take lessons from the age of 8. After a short break between 9 and 12 because of a too strict teacher, he resumed learning with a nicer one [Mme Boucher]. From there onward Royce managed to be accepted in the third best music school of France, where he received compliments from Edda Erlendsdóttir after he played the Toccata of Prokofiev - which is considered to be one of the most demanding classical solo piano piece ever written - for his admission audition.
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Misc : 
Modeling experience : While Royce is mainly a pianist, he also has significant modeling experience, as a teenager he was walking on podiums in France for several private clothes designers and later in 2016 did a few shootings in Japan for New Balance, and a Japanese boys band named Exile.
Comedian experience : From 16 to 18 years old Royce performed in the BAGDAD CAFE musical, rubbing shoulders with word-wide famous singers like Jevetta Steele [who was had the opportunity to work with Prince] he toured Germany, Spain, and several cities in France. 
Need a pianist ? : Besides the videos on his website Royce plays many kinds of music, from Salsa to Pop and Jazz including Rock, House, Classical, Movie music and traditional Asian music. From solid classical training Royce can also sight-read or play most music. Feel free to hire.
Youtube Channel about Korea and Japan : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC44v0XEOgRBCqT7OxdM2nQ
Youtube Channel about his other passion, investing : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdJ5yfkJThP2g6HalSddflw/
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